As a jeweller it is very pleasing to be able to take something cherished and old and with many stories, and restore it to it's former glory, which in turn makes the piece safer to wear without fear of losing any stones or it breaking or bending.

This dainty old ring from around the 40s, consisting of 18ct yellow gold and palladium with white sapphires, had worn so thin at the back of the shank that it was uncomfortable to wear and was at risk of breaking through.  Also, the top section had worn smooth, exposing the stones more than what was safe and making the original mill grain disappear.

ring in worn state

old shank cut off, ready for new shank on left

Once the new shank was in place, all the stones were checked for stability and the original mill grain pattern was applied, giving it form again and emphasising the vintage appeal of the piece.

restored ring with new shank and re-grained setting across top

And the old shank did not go to waste either, I kept it as it was (it had a beautiful series of hallmarks inside it) and turned it into a simple necklace, perfect for everyday wear.


  1. That's beautiful! I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of being able to have the shank wearable again. Wonderful job.
    xx m

  2. Thanks Melissa, waste not want not :)

  3. I think Nan would love both pieces Suse x