it's like this

Sometimes a piece of jewellery reminds you of a familiar artwork, and sometimes an artwork reminds you of a piece of jewellery.  This new section of my blog "it's like this" will show some of those similarities and comparisons that I pick up now and again.

To start off with I'd like to commemorate the recently passed Australian painter Jeffrey Smart, and some of the comparisons I've seen in these jewels...

Jeffrey Smart 'Luxury Cruise' 1972-73
Ramon Puig Cuyas, 'N.1280 Primacolor II', brooch

Jeffrey Smart, 'Portrait of Clive James' 1991-92

Per Suntum, 'As plain as it is' brooch

Jeffrey Smart, 'Playground at Mondragone' 1998

Annelies Planteydt, 'Beautiful City - Red Pink Cabinets', necklace

Jeffrey Smart, 'Autobahn in the Black Forest', 1979-80

Linda Hughes, 'Trio of Posts', brooches


  1. Brilliant post, thanks for sharing it. Vale Jeffrey Smart.

  2. Thanks Melissa, it was fun to think in this way, I'm looking forward to the next one, and I'm happy to take painter suggestions!