transference at small space

Some pieces from my exhibition Transference are on display in the window at Small Space Jewellery in North Fitzroy this November. 

Swing on by if you missed the show. 

at arbor

some new little pieces made their way to arbor!


ancient mirrors

One of the many fascinating things about all objects ancient would have to be the mirrors.  I've long since held a fascination for them, and equally have long since wanted to make a lovely little brass one of my own - but the super high polish that's required kind of puts me off a bit - I'll gather the time and courage one day though, for now it's become one of those "future projects".

Here's a few early ancient examples, from a time when the the mirror was also a fine art object...

iron age, image from here

egyptian, image from here

egyptian, image from here

roman, image from here

And here's some contemporary versions that I'd die to have adorn my walls and shelves -
from the artist Moire Nishimura 
brought to my attention by Miss Moss