wearing a heart of stone

Thanks to Katie Jayne Britchford for I have received my Heart of Stone brooch!

hanging out with some other specimens

hanging out with me


papel picado (perforated paper)

I was recently gifted these Chinese paper cuts -

It got me looking at a few more examples from around the world.

And I thought a jeweller needed a lot of patience...

El Dia de los Muertes (Day of the Dead)

Images from here

 More skeletons

Images from here

 The incredible Japanese artist Tomoko Shioyasu

Images from here


inside the exhibition

I know it's been a little while since the last post, but time's been flying by! 

For those of you who couldn't come to the exhibition opening, here's a few snaps and tidbits.  And if you are in Melbourne, Transference will be showing until Wed 24th of October.

'that familiar tree', earring installation

cyanotype and argyrotype prints

original photos

'shadow box', sterling silver, glass

'mechanics' sterling silver, glass

'woman with bun', sterling silver, silverpoint on reclaimed wood

'two belgian kids', sterling silver, jet, glass, silverpoint, shoelace

'spaz's broom', steling silver, silverpoint on reclaimed wood

'table for a tiny hall', sterling silver, brass clock part

'cutout locket', sterling silver, lapis lazuli, silverpoint on reclaimed wood

embroidered cyanotype on cotton

'cyanotype brooches', sterling silver, cyanotype on paper

'small snow', sterling silver, glass, steel nails

'changing tyre', sterling silver, silverpoint on wood, shoelace

'ulexite looking glass', sterling silver, ulexite

'silverpoint styluses', fine silver, sterling silver, steel buckle


less than a week to go until...

my first solo exhibition opens!

Feel free to come along and share a wine or two with a view, if you're in Melbourne on Friday.

Checkout this page to read about Transference.


sea shell ring

Just finished a commission for a lovely couple who wanted handmade wedding rings. 

The design was tailored to the requests of the couple, which came from a very cute story. 

She was proposed to with a shell ring - quite literally a shell - seen below is the very shell (albeit a bit fuzzy), which she was wearing on her finger at the initial appointment - cute, I told you. 

She wanted to incorporate her favourite type of shell into her wedding ring, a shell of the conical variety, and the cross section of one.  Quite a request!  As I am partial to a challenge of the handmade kind, I was thrilled to be able to give it a go. 

Here's the follow up image I had to work from -

And here's the initial sketches -

This is the shell component being made in stages -

A few tweaks across the top to break up the flat surface a bit, and some scalloping underneath to retain height and shell-y-ness factor and here's the result -

Shell ring, 9ct grey gold and 9ct white gold

Shell ring and men's 9ct rose gold wedder