sea shell ring

Just finished a commission for a lovely couple who wanted handmade wedding rings. 

The design was tailored to the requests of the couple, which came from a very cute story. 

She was proposed to with a shell ring - quite literally a shell - seen below is the very shell (albeit a bit fuzzy), which she was wearing on her finger at the initial appointment - cute, I told you. 

She wanted to incorporate her favourite type of shell into her wedding ring, a shell of the conical variety, and the cross section of one.  Quite a request!  As I am partial to a challenge of the handmade kind, I was thrilled to be able to give it a go. 

Here's the follow up image I had to work from -

And here's the initial sketches -

This is the shell component being made in stages -

A few tweaks across the top to break up the flat surface a bit, and some scalloping underneath to retain height and shell-y-ness factor and here's the result -

Shell ring, 9ct grey gold and 9ct white gold

Shell ring and men's 9ct rose gold wedder

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