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Hi, Susan Ewington is my name and I'm a contemporary goldsmith and silversmith based in Melbourne Australia.

Making objects and adornment from thoughts and inspiration requires a process of shifting ideas, and the documentation of this process is often as interesting as the finished piece.  So this blog is about that sharing of the links in my chain of thought.

I've been making jewellery professionally since 2007, and unprofessionally my whole life.  My childhood was all about things to make and do, so I've continued that through to adulthood and couldn't be happier about it.

Everything I make is made by hand from start to finish, and every piece has a its own story and little journey from maker to wearer.  It is this love affair with the journey that continues to drive my passion for making.

An object that is loved and appreciated will give back to you an intangible happiness that positively makes your mind and heart happy - and that is priceless. 

Feel free to contact me about my work or anything you see on this blog or my website. 

my beloved bench

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