all the better to see you with

I am now a spectacles wearing person.

It appears (and clearly now!) that I have an optical astigmatism - which is actually a kind of interesting optical aberration.  The eye has two different focal points on two planes - horizontal and vertical.  Basically, one of those planes doesn't quite cut the mustard so everything appears not quite as sharp as it should.  

The crazy thing - I've been living with this my whole life and haven't realised how sharp the world should be!  Up to now it hasn't really affected me at all, until I started being aware of the strain after a long day at the bench.

While I don't have to wear them permanently, they certainly do help in the studio, and I must admit I have had a hankering for another accessory.

Would love to get my hands on some of these somewhat slightly impractical but very speccy spectacles...

Ancient Chinese
Tortoise shell and silver, 1823

Indian Sandalwood, 17th century

And this mirror...



Meet Lola - my new studio buddy to keep me company during those long lonely days.  She is currently rather timid and scared in the space however, the flexi-drive and polishing motor sounds really freak her out.  Hopefully she settles down soon and feels nice and cosy.  Lots of cuddles for reassurance in the meantime.


little looky

A pre-preview of some of the little bits and bobs I'm gathering for an upcoming exhibition in October.
These elements are incorporating some of the cyanotype photographs I've been printing.  An old photographic process using sunlight exposure which yields these lovely deep blue hues on archival paper.

some brooches in the making

Whilst I'm enjoying the freedom and unbinding experience of making exhibition pieces, it brings with it an underlying heaviness of thought.  The time invested in just simple thought and contemplation in making such things is, I think, underestimated.  Sometimes an idea will flow out your brain and you can't make things quick enough.  But sometimes (and these are the low points that you just can't help but focus on) the ideas are a little bit stunted - I can see the big overall picture, but as is so often with small object making, it's the tiny details that will make or break the desired result.  Self motivation is really hard sometimes.