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Susan Ewington
12 October to 23 October

Susan Ewington -  Transference

In this exploration of the relationship of photography and object, contemporary jeweller Susan Ewington is set to blend the boundaries of traditional image making and metal-smithing.  These two disciplines are unlikely in their companionship, one 2D and one 3D.  Yet their history is ingrained with symbiosis, precious metals are integral in many photographic processes, and a tiny portrait of a loved one is kept safe and close in a hollow shell of gold.

A random collection of antique images are the origin for an investigation by Susan to transfer the essence of a memory, era, or emotion from these frozen moments.  The obvious subject matter will not be the focus, instead she will aim to reveal the unintended significance or punctum of each frame, from objects, shadows, or distant scapes.  It is these elements that will reach through the image into the object of wearable art.  This transference is multi-layered and metallic.


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