artist in focus - yayoi kusama

Recently I remembered this favourite installation artist of mine from one of the most influential exhibitions I have seen - the 2002 Asia Pacific Triennial at the Queensland Art Gallery.

Yayoi Kusama (b.1929) is a multidisciplinary Japanese artist, whose works are predominantly expressed through repetition, illusion and colour.  Her lifetime accomplishments have recently been celebrated with a retrospective exhibition toured in Europe. 

She is reported to have been afflicted by mental illness since a child, when she would hallucinate spots all over her view of the world.  She has resided voluntarily in a mental institution in Japan since the late 1970s.

To be honest with you, there's just so much to talk about when it comes to her works, so lets just let some images do the talking:

Yayoi at the age of 10

at her studio in New York, 1958

'Aggregation: 1000 Boat Show' 1963, first installation

'Narcissus Garden', 1966 Venice Biennale - she famously sold her mirrored balls for approximately $2 each, in protest of the commercialisation of art, and is stopped by officials.

'Obliteration Room' reworking of 2002 Asia Pacific Triennial installation - the room is a blank canvas, and each person to enter is given a sheet of coloured sticky dots, this was just too fun for words

Original 'Obliteration Room', 2002, Asia Pacific Triennial - I was fortunate enough to visit this room many times during the exhibition so I got to see it's progress

One of her many infinity rooms - mirrored rooms with suspended neon balls

Yayoi in front of her paintings at the Tate Modern 2012

'Snow in Nets' 2007, acrylic on canvas

Yayoi, untitled 1966

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